Saturday 26 September 2009

Halloween Candle Display!!

This is my Halloween display, i have been making mini candles for a long while and i have sold a few recently on ebay.

I really enjoyed making this whole shop display, well other than driving me a bit nuts on 60 handmade votive candles lol! I never actually intended to put so much content into it, but looked so good once i started i had to fill it until it was finished.

I have a lot of these candles in a jar at home & they are just so versatile & lovely too, i just had to create them in miniature.

If you like this and you want to see more photos i have it up on ebay, and its open to any offers.

I hope you like this little non food creation :)


  1. What a gorgeous display! I've made a few votive candles myself...and yeah making that many would drive a person to distraction...but yours look fabulous!!!!

  2. Its absolutly stunning. I wish I could win the lottery and buy all your miniatures, they are simply stunning. Truly original I hope it stays that way and dosnt get copied as its such a lovely idea. I love it! Kate xx

  3. Awww thanks Dlsarmywife :) im glad you like them, i have been making mini candles for a while and selling them on ebay but this is my very first set.
    The 60 votive were a little time consuming though lol! but well worth the effort.

    Yes Whittaker's Miniatures lets hope people stay original, from experience as far as i know im the only person who makes miniature hand made candles (in the styles i make) or any for that matter in the UK on ebay.

    On the point of copying i do have copyrights on my work to keep them original, so I do hope people will respect the originality and so far everyones been really great, as theres nothing worse than a bad imitation of other peoples work, I actually know someone on ebay who suffered her work being copied on a weekly basis, the poor thing.

    Well im open to any offers so you don't quite have to win the lotto :) but if you do your more than welcome to give me a shout lol!! ;)

    Thanks for your support & lovely comments.

  4. Love the colours and all the tiny candles

  5. I am absolutely blown away! this has to be the most impressive thing I have ever seen. All those candles!!! I did three-four sets last Christmas that featured a holly centerpiece with three fat red candles in the middle and that about did me in, lol. I cannot imagine making all of these candles!

    You did a truly fantastic job!

    Julie Old Crow

  6. Hi Eve,
    your miniatures are simply beautiful, outstanding!! Keep up the good work!! With regards to copying, I doesn't matter how much money you spend on copyrighting your work, copiers will always find a way around this. I spent hundreds on copyrighting my work only to be told that to get around the copyright law all a copier has to do is change just one slight detail of your work. So they could actually make an almost exact copy, just change one slight detail & they have managed to skirt around the issue of copyright!! This I find quite disheartening!! Also, it would cost way too much money to try & sue them for breach of copyright. Thankfully the person who was copying me has now stopped, I guess I got way too creative for them. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your miniatures, they really are in a league of their own!!

  7. Outstanding! I love the candle jars! I really must have at least one!
    Beautiful work! So original! So perfect!

  8. Thanks Julie, Kathi and everyone :D im pleased you all like these, im going to be adding some single candles in my shop and on ebay soon.

    Hello carol & thank you for the lovely words of encouragement :) i know some people can be truly awful regarding copying cant they? as my poor friend can tell you.
    After all it only takes some inspiration to be creative and totally original.

    But if anyone is having problem don't despair as you can claim in other ways against copying. However we shouldn't even have to consider it really. lets hope everyone can get along and respect the originality of other artist work :)

    I do hope you can all drop by to see some of my new minis in my "soon to be up dated"
    brand NEW website created by myself too.

    There will also be more photos coming soon too! :p

  9. Please let us know when you have some for sale!
    I just checked your Etsy and Ebay sites and sadly didn't see them there.
    You said you have a whole house full? :)