Thursday 10 September 2009

Sticky syrup cake & cream!

I really don't know where my mind gets to sometimes lol! but it seems to be focusing on hot things lately, it must be the cold weather creeping in on us poor English folk!

I had this nice baking tin, i was looking at it and wondering what i could fill it with, its such a nice shape and i didn't want to cover it to much, i think this hot Sticky syrup cake worked really well.

I teamed it up with some whipped cream, cinnamon sugar in a little glass jar and a checked cloth set on a little rustic board.


  1. Oooh yum, that is mouthwatering, i know what I want for pudding tonight, just perfect. Kate xx

  2. wow! i'm so glad you started your blog! such eye-candy!

  3. Incredible the realism of your creations. They are fantastic. My congratulations

  4. Thanks so much everyone! im glad you like this little syrup filled creation.