Wednesday 28 April 2010

Everything is peachy...

Well I have a new love.... its peaches!! yes other apples I now crave making juicy peaches, I really must stop or there will be peaches with everything lol!

I actually made green apples this week, its a real first for me as i just need to shade them red, don't ask me why its a me thing :p I managed to resist it this time.. but only just :)

Hope you like the close up details in the peaches with the stones etc

Enjoy all the photos everyone :)

Friday 16 April 2010

New miniatures inspired by some of my fellow blogger fans

These are a few new miniatures inspired by some of my fellow bloggers here :) As you can see there are a few new miniatures, I should really make some more cakes but i need to order doilies but I always forget, but I will get some soon.

I was working away on the large luxury fruit bowl a couple of weeks ago and I think now its finally finished it looks really quite nice, I like the way the blackberries and the white vine grapes turned out, it took me ages to place everything just perfectly.

They will be on ebay once the others end in a few days and some will be on Etsy too.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos of these new little minis!

Saturday 10 April 2010

Fantastic fruit and Italian deli boards

It's Spring and warm finally... well ok there's no snow and that counts as Spring lol!

Anyway I have been putting together some fruit, Italian deli boards and cakes lately, and as always I have lots of other Italian food and a whole three shelf cabinet of it too!

I hope you like the newest additions to ebay and a few others too.

Enjoy the photos :)