Monday 21 June 2010

French Charlotte Cakes

I have always loved fine French foods and a certain little macaroon shop in France! which happens to sell the most wonderful creamy pastries and alike... so these are my craving relief until I get back to France lol!

These cakes work well with almost any topping, but I really do like the fresh fruit and the dark chocolate coffee!

I will be starting my ebay auctions as normal with a few of the other items shown, however I have just listed some of these cakes on a special buy it now for a change, as I had a few more than I needed they are in both in ebay and etsy too :)

I hope you enjoy viewing them!

Wednesday 16 June 2010


At long last! I have my new website up and running!!

We launched it a few hours ago on beta, but found with the exception of a few bits and bobs we are totally ready for everyone to see it now! all the long hours we put into it have finally paid off in a working website.

Also I have put up a select few photos from the site for a little preview.

I very much hope you enjoy the new miniatures.

Friday 11 June 2010

A few sweet foods... for summer!

Well its not very much like summer here, with chronic constant rain, but i will pretend lol!

It hasn't stopped the Mosquitoes trying to eat me alive though! I have a allergy to gnats, so I sit here itchy and making bows, feeling miserable! sorry to everyone who has been waiting patiently on your minis, but i couldn't brave the PO queue, but rest assured everything will leave shortly though :)

This week I have selected a few of my cakes to show everyone that I don't just make fruit and cheeses lol! I did sneak a couple in still though!

So here are a bunch of minis to cheer everyone up if they are rained in too!

Enjoy :)