Saturday 3 October 2009

Halloween cakes & yummy treats

Hello everyone! Its almost Halloween so I thought I'd show a few new photos of my Halloween cakes and goodies.

I would have made more but my hobby time is limited still, there is so much mini stuff I want to create I just don't get the time, I was wondering does anyone have a time machine? lol ;)

Enjoy the photos..

Halloween cupcakes with cream & little chocolate sprinkles!

Ohhh pumpkin pie with a deep golden crust ummm my favorite, is it yours too?

Pumpkin lattice pie with detailed pumpkin flowers & vine sugar decorations.

Everyones favorite chocolate cake with a Halloween candy theme!

This is my very first "Crow" he is sat on a huge ripe aged pumpkin!

Old "Wax" candles, i have made these to look aged they have smooth and shiny wax tops with burnt out wicks.

Sugar Pumpkin Charlotte cake with a curled vine & flower.

Don't forget to click the photos for a more detailed look.. and i hope you enjoy them all!


  1. Hola!!!!!!!!Felicidades por las maravillas que tienes en tu blog, es una pasada.besitos ascension

  2. sul mio blog c'è un premio per te.

  3. I enjoy them só much you deserve an award, which is waiting for you at my blog. Youre gifted...It is a mystery to me how you transform that fimo into all these little gems!! All that happens here is that it gets stuck under my nails haha...

  4. Ohhh, my Mortica would love them. she's a 16 inch doll, and thoes would be perfect for her!

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    Well these minis are all in 12th scale Judith, but you can add them to any scene or setting you like, however the Halloween candles are all sold now and off to a new mini home, but i will be putting a few up in my new website, well thats if i ever get it finished :p

    Oh did someone say awards? what did i win :D

    I will be putting some more photos up very soon mean time i wish you all a very..