Friday 18 September 2009

Hot apple pie!!!! just like mom makes :)

Yes its really getting cool here in the UK now and and the leaves are starting to turn orange on my maple tree again, so it seems the Autumn is setting in finally or the Fall for you guys across the pond, so im all in the mind set for warming sweet and sticky foods...

So here we have a apple pie prep board! it has super detail right down to the bubbles in the pie filling and as most of my work its also another ooak too.

Also if anyone wants to see this in auction then this is on ebay right now and ends on Friday :)

Enjoy the photos everyone!!


  1. Hi Sumaiya :) im pleased you like this one.

  2. Hi - this is really so realistic - you won´t think it´s a miniature - wow and deep bow - this is great artwork ! Thanks for letting us share...

  3. Wow!! Every detail is so impressive (I love the apple cores!)