Friday 10 December 2010

And the lucky winner is.........

A very big thank you to everyone who took part in this draw to win the candy cane house!

Also its lovely to see the huge amount of entries over the past two posts and to say hi to you all.

While there can only be one winner, I will be holding another give-away really soon, so please do keep looking in :)

I have added everyone who posted into this draw and picked out the winner, my parrot Angel would have helped again but I like my fingers much more ;)

So the winner who was chosen at random is.....

********** JRB CREATIONS! ***********

Congratulations to the lucky winner!!

So please contact me via PM and email me your postal address and I will send your Candy Cane House to you, ready for the holidays :)

Wishing Everyone a happy start to the holiday season!

See you all soon with some more goodies!

Wednesday 24 November 2010

More New Luxury Christmas goodies! - Plus my Give-away!

Yes there's even more new Christmas goodies!

And that's not all of them yet!

I have a few more little ones to come :)

I feel like Santa's elf working away in the middle of the night on all the little toys and candy and we will soon be snow covered too! its due today apparently, or so the news tells me anyway, which I'm sure will be just adding to the effect...

Umm well I just need a reindeer or six and a sleigh now lol!

I have been working on some rather lovely luxury Christmas cabinets, which will be available in Etsy or from me personally.

The pink Christmas Eve cabinet is my all time favorite miniature, it has a pretty sterling silver hallmarked dish, all covered with a very fine glass dome.

Pretty real working fairy lights, handmade wooden festive letters, also little pink wrapped gifts, a sweet tiny white candle set in a glass jar, pink lady apples set in a pink conran bowl, a jar of pink candy.

Sumptuous pistachio and rose cupcakes with lavish butter cream piped icing set on a three tier cake stand, and it has a selection of coconut truffles set in a fine glass.

Just to mention a few of its lovely treats it has!!

There are a couple of non seasonal luxury cabinets like my Morelli's Gelato and the deli display, which are lovely for all year round use too.

I hope you all really enjoy the photos.

Plus don't forget my Give-away which is still taking entries, it will be drawn around the 10th of December, all you need to do is say hello to enter.

Which is for this super cute peppermint candy cane house.

All previous entries from the last post will be included, but your welcome to post again, however you will be just entered once ;)

So here are the new Christmas Eve & Christmas day Cabinets!

Along with a few other special miniatures...

With little working fairy lights...

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Christmas goodies! Plus my new Give-away!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and looking forwards to the upcoming season!

Its totally freezing here right now, winter nights have drawn in fast, I think we bypassed the fall this year! Only lots of hot tea keeps me warm and mini making still, I hope the weather wherever you are is a little less wintery.

I'm doing another give-away for Christmas running until the 10th of December when it will be drawn, anyone who posts on the blog up until then to say hi will be entered into the draw for a chance to have this cute peppermint candy cane cookie house, which will be sent to them for Christmas.

Also I have been hard at work making some new and luxury goodies for Christmas, I have carved a few bowls and filled them with handmade walnuts etc.

There is even a christmas dinner with a few trimmings, a luxury honey roasted ham board, plus a classic luxury hamper bowl, but this time it has a rustic candle in the middle for Christmas.

So here are a few my new Christmas goodies!


Wednesday 3 November 2010

A little taste of Christmas!

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween!

Other than being busy with birthdays I haven't been very well, how I got it I'll never know?
So I decided to get some TLC, so I disappeared and hid under my duvet for a while, but now I'm back to normality.. and staying away from the sneezers, so I should be ok to commence with the Christmas goodies soon.

However I have actually been having a little dabble already, this is for the early birds amongst us ;) I really like Shreks Gingy so he is going to be popping up through out this season, so I hope you like him too!

There is also one of my favourite pieces here as I love making the rustic bowls, and I have been hand crafting a few of them recently, I really adore the way the turned out especially the Tuscan grape bowl.

I haven't forgotten the SPA ANARA collectors ;) but I have a few finishing touches are needed until they are ready to show everyone just yet, however one got through as it was just ready in time.

Enjoy everything, and see you all very soon hopefully!

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Even More Halloween Goodies!

Yes More Halloween Goodies!

Plus a few others too...

There are some new seasonal cookies and cakes, I originally wanted to make some of my Halloween dessert cups but I thought a brownie cake and round boo! cookies would be just as cute! I love making the tiny pumpkins, they worked out nicely and finish off the brownie well.

My new range of thin burnt old candles look as if they came straight out of a Indiana Jones or Goonies movie! So all you need now is a rolling bolder and some treasure to go with them!

So if the Haunted house miniature scene is more your thing this month then I have made some crazy potion bottles, I was inspired by Nikki Rowe's old Etsy shop banner, her miniatures are really cool! Also Kat the hat lady has some lovely new hats, yes I have actually been blogging this week lol!

I have also made some fantastic green olives for your James bond martini lol! New luxury bread, the delightful basket which was handmade by true to scale miniatures worked so well again.
There are handmade garden peas which are set in a stone bowl by the wonderful Tom Saunders as are the olives. Plus some wild picked mushrooms from the mini woodland for the season.

Also anyone waiting for any miniatures, then they will be with you shortly.

I hope you enjoy all the photos!

Thursday 7 October 2010

Seasonal Foods and a few Halloween Treats!

Well its been a little while... so a big hello to everyone!!

Its now my favourite time of the year... and I hope you are all having a lovely time with the seasonal changes and no ones too cold just yet!

I have been trying to get things moving along with my new miniatures, but between the extremely late nights and my two year old being particularly demanding this month, I think my get up and go... got up and went lol!

But dont despair as I now actually have a few new miniatures ready to show everyone at long last! and I'm sort of back into gear now!

I have a totally new selection of delightful Halloween cakes and treats, and another new SPA ANARA piece and also a new luxury basket of breads, I have a used a delightful basket from Carol from true 2 scale miniatures to create this luxury piece, as you can see she makes the most wonderful baskets!

I hope you like the new Seasonal Foods and a few Halloween treats!