Saturday 26 September 2009

Halloween Candle Display!!

This is my Halloween display, i have been making mini candles for a long while and i have sold a few recently on ebay.

I really enjoyed making this whole shop display, well other than driving me a bit nuts on 60 handmade votive candles lol! I never actually intended to put so much content into it, but looked so good once i started i had to fill it until it was finished.

I have a lot of these candles in a jar at home & they are just so versatile & lovely too, i just had to create them in miniature.

If you like this and you want to see more photos i have it up on ebay, and its open to any offers.

I hope you like this little non food creation :)

Friday 25 September 2009

Luxury chocolates with fillings!

Hello everyone!

Well i thought this week I'd show some of my new and original chocolates, these have been cut open and have the little centers showing! they look good enough to eat yumm!!

These would be a real Christmas treat and they would make a fantastic display.

Hope you like them :)

Friday 18 September 2009

Hot apple pie!!!! just like mom makes :)

Yes its really getting cool here in the UK now and and the leaves are starting to turn orange on my maple tree again, so it seems the Autumn is setting in finally or the Fall for you guys across the pond, so im all in the mind set for warming sweet and sticky foods...

So here we have a apple pie prep board! it has super detail right down to the bubbles in the pie filling and as most of my work its also another ooak too.

Also if anyone wants to see this in auction then this is on ebay right now and ends on Friday :)

Enjoy the photos everyone!!

Thursday 10 September 2009

Sticky syrup cake & cream!

I really don't know where my mind gets to sometimes lol! but it seems to be focusing on hot things lately, it must be the cold weather creeping in on us poor English folk!

I had this nice baking tin, i was looking at it and wondering what i could fill it with, its such a nice shape and i didn't want to cover it to much, i think this hot Sticky syrup cake worked really well.

I teamed it up with some whipped cream, cinnamon sugar in a little glass jar and a checked cloth set on a little rustic board.

Sunday 6 September 2009

Roast pork & herb roll & a few extras too!

This is a new miniature i have been working on, if you look in on my work a lot you will know that i don't often make meat or roasts for that matter but the kids wanted me to do one, so i went with this instead of the usual chicken.

The detail has come out really well in the photos, the herbs and the translucency in the fat are so detailed it looks almost edible, and the baking foil came out a treat too!!

This is on ebay right now along with the chocolate cake board see the post before this one for details if you missed it, I also have a sweet little cherry cake and a few other nice 1.12th scale treats.

I will be putting up my new listings on Friday, there are a few gooey winter warmers for those who have a sweet tooth like myself lol!! I will be also adding some more photos to this blog and hopefully updating my website shop too with some minis to buy.

Enjoy the new photos...

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Chocolate cake yummy!!

I have always liked chocolate cake frosting, and chocolate in general, i can just taste the little chocolate hearts ummm!!

Anyway you can be guilt and calorie free with this little prep set.. theres always the strawberries and there good for you right? heh heh!!

I have shown the detail here in the mixing bowl and the little swirls too.. enjoy!!!

This one is coming up on ebay when this weeks listings end on Friday.