Thursday 18 August 2016

Well its almost that time of year again...

As many if you know (if anyone is still looking in on here) I am going to Chicago next spring, so sadly my commissions have come to a permanent close, however I will be stocking my Etsy store, least until I need to stop finally, this will be to make time for the big show, so whilst working away and storing some of my new goodies for the fair, I have been making Halloween miniatures and a few others too!!

I mean its never to early for Pumpkins is it?

The skull is hand carved and made from real bone, this was purchased from my local taxidermist, and I think it sets this piece of so well!

I'll try to post sooner for all of you guys still with me, sorry if you have been waiting xx but I am working hard here, I promise xx

This wonderful new piece is from my original "Miniatures in Still Life" collection, Enjoy all of the photos!