Saturday 14 August 2010

French Laduree Macaroon Cabinet

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been here for a while, but if you miss my posts or you cant get to blog for a while yourself, then don't forget my items are always in ebay so if I don't post one week then you can catch up on there to see what's new.

However I wasn't hiding away or taking a luxury break, not that I wouldn't like to! because I so would :) However I was here all along... busy at work on my new exquisite creation!

This is my new and totally original white Laduree cabinet, I filled it with French macaroons, signature gift boxes, chocolates and the odd Laduree pastry or two.

Everything in this cabinet was made totally by hand, and each box was hand crafted to size wrapped, and then the handmade ribbons were carefully place on each mini creation.

I made a pink and purple shelf along with the pastel green colours, to represent the Laduree theme, just like the real store cabinets do.

I know just how popular Laduree is with everyone! it is defiantly one of my all time favourite stores!

So I really hope you all like it!