Thursday 21 April 2011

Happy Easter!! Celebrate With a New Voucher!

A very Happy Easter to everyone!

Its that time of the year again when the kids get super excited, mainly because the Easter bunny is on her way!

So for the grown-ups amongst us, not speaking for myself of course ;) then I thought what better way to grab some miniature goodies with a 20% off voucher in my Etsy store.

Here is the code EASTER20OFF this code its available for you all to use, It is valid until the end of April for any purchases you wish to make, not just Easter ones, you just put this code in the box when your making your Etsy purchase to receive the 20% off of any item.

Its been a very busy crazy time here, so I all hope you are having a much more relaxed time of things than me and you will soon be enjoy your Easter miniatures.

Meant time why not have a look at my Easter cabinet, most of you have possibly seen this in my Etsy but for those who haven't please enjoy!

Friday 15 April 2011

New Easter Chocolates and Spring Laduree Tower

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying getting ready for Easter and you have your chocolate eggs hidden in cupboards everywhere all around the house!

Its been crazy here with ups and downs all month long, but despite everything and also how busy its been, I have managed to get a few new things together.

If you are also waiting on and miniatures from recent purchases, then just to let you know they will be with you shortly, as its my shipping day very soon.

Well the easter bunny has been working her magic this year for a change and I have got the Chocolate and Macaroon buzz, so here are a few new creations for all of you to see.


Sunday 10 April 2011

New Easter Chocolate and Laduree Hat Boxes

Its almost Easter and Spring is defiantly here now!

I have made some special one of a kind Laduree Easter hat boxes filled with pastel eggs and lots of other miniature Laduree goodies, as well as chocolate hens, sticky hot cross buns, fresh croissants and some tiny pots of French jam too!!

So I really hope you enjoy these and a very happy Easter to everyone.

I will be listing up a few more new additions soon, so do drop in again soon to see them.

Saturday 2 April 2011

New Luxury Soap Display Cabinet!

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all been keeping well, as you may have noticed I haven't had the time to pop in and say hello to everyone, its been a busy time here with lets just say a lot more going on than normal.

However I have managed to get a few things done now thing are getting back on track, but only one display piece to show you so far.

This is a new luxury soap cabinet is filled with the finest goats milk soaps and hand blown glass which are also filled with the best bath products money can buy, this was piece was totally inspired purely from thoughts of a dream boutique display, or indeed from my own bathroom.

I will try and get a few more goodies up really soon..

But for now please do enjoy this new miniature!