Wednesday 31 August 2011

My New Fall Dresser Cabinet!

Hello again everyone :)

Yes you can believe your eyes.. it really is a third post lol!

Well for anyone who hasn't read my blog before Fall or Autumn is my favourite time of the year and I'm defiantly putting in the effort this year on the official last day of summer, which is today, but it has felt like Autumn for a long time here, the tress have been slowly turning orange and the leaves are already falling, the garden is on its last flourish before it all turns bare and wintry, so I though there was nothing better to make than a cabinet that reflects that Autumn feel that I just love so much.

I have captured one photo in the fading sunlight which gives the cabinet a great seasonal look and the rest in detail showing everything as close as possible.

There are a few new miniatures additions in my Etsy that I have not put up on the blog, so you can check them out there, however There will be a lot more rustic miniatures for this season, which I will show you all soon.

Oh and anyone waiting for miniatures, well they are all on there way to you now, sorry its just been a bit busy here with so much going on with all the seasonal goodies.

I hope you enjoy all of the new photos!

Saturday 27 August 2011

My New Fall Cabinet and Miniatures!

Hello everyone,

Yes its now two posts in the same month.. and as you can see I have been a busy bee! Its been nice to get ahead a bit as I wanted to make a few miniatures for my favourite season.

So here are a few new minis for you all to see, as well as my newly made fall side cabinet which was great fun to make, it has the most exquisite details and its a new miniature for this fall collection, I originally made still life on my old website but I thought it time to bring back that style, but with a new rustic and elegant twist.

The cabinet is filled with with my handmade goodies, such as pumpkins, handmade sunflowers, real red wine, a rustic tiny flagon, my handmade board with fine cheese, apples, bread filled basket, rustic meats, gourds, a scattering of fall leaves, corn on the cob and everything is finely detailed.

This cabinet comes with my own handmade food and sunflowers and rustic hand painted cabinet, set off with a very fine tall handmade fruit bowl by Tom Saunders, a wonderful handmade lidded pot by the artisan Jeff Spera, finished off with a fantastic hand woven basket by carol.

Enjoy all of the photos!

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Rustic seasonal foods and some new Harry Potter goodies!

Hello everyone,

This time while I was mini baking I though I would make some more rustic seasonal foods to keep me in mind for the seasonal upcoming cooler days ahead... and also some new Harry Potter goodies too! There are just a few of my new ranges here, there will be lots more to come now the Fall season and also Halloween is drawing closer.

Also I have decided to make my own miniature bread labels, after all the breads do come from the After Dark Miniature bakery ;) so I thought that would add a nice touch especially for bread displays.

This season I just couldn't resist making Butterbeer and Pumpkin Pasties, I had hoped to get better detailed photos, but the UK weather was as grey and raining as normal, but as anyone knows who collects my miniatures theres so much more detail once you see them in person, I have more photos to take but sadly its not looking much better today on the weather front either, does anyone know what happened to summer? If they do then could they please return it lol!

Anyway hopefully these new minis will bring a warm feeling to you, even if where you are the weather doesn't :)

I hope you all enjoy all the new photos!