Saturday 29 May 2010

Fine Fruit and Cheese

Hello everyone!

I really like making Fruit and Cheese, its one of my favourites to create, and yes I know I have a few :P but these always appeal so much to me!

I love using high quality products to add to my work, but nothing much beats natural stone, well other than the beauty of real wood.

Hopefully I weill have some sweet foods coming up soon, but if you like these some will be appearing in my shop soon and also on eBay as I type.

Wishing you all a warm sunny week, if we can escape the rain that is lol!

I hope you enjoy these new photos.

Monday 17 May 2010

So many minis... yet so little time!

Well I'm never the fastest person, as some of you might know.. I'm sorry guys, but this week has been really hectic, so bear with me :p
You know I even missed out on a Birthday over on the Mini food blog recently.

Well I thought better late than never right? So I made this little board, I hope you like it

I also have some non birthday related goodies I have been working on!

The Nectarine bowl was made by Tom Saunders, The cherry bowl was made by Bertie Pittman & the Burl orange bowl was also hand made by another Artisan.

Oh and the stone slab was mine :P

Enjoy everyone :)