Sunday 6 September 2009

Roast pork & herb roll & a few extras too!

This is a new miniature i have been working on, if you look in on my work a lot you will know that i don't often make meat or roasts for that matter but the kids wanted me to do one, so i went with this instead of the usual chicken.

The detail has come out really well in the photos, the herbs and the translucency in the fat are so detailed it looks almost edible, and the baking foil came out a treat too!!

This is on ebay right now along with the chocolate cake board see the post before this one for details if you missed it, I also have a sweet little cherry cake and a few other nice 1.12th scale treats.

I will be putting up my new listings on Friday, there are a few gooey winter warmers for those who have a sweet tooth like myself lol!! I will be also adding some more photos to this blog and hopefully updating my website shop too with some minis to buy.

Enjoy the new photos...


  1. Both things are absolutly fantastic,you are really a great artist!!!

  2. Mouth watering! Have you a link on your blog to your ebay listings please????!!! Kate xx

  3. Hi everyone & Kate who asked the question :) So here is the link to all my ebay listings...

    Just copy and paste it into your web browser if need be.

    I guess i should have put this up before :) im new at all this lol! sorry everyone.

  4. Hello my dear!!!


    Wonderful, wonderful artist!!!

    COMPLIMENTS a lot!!!Ni from Italy