Saturday 18 September 2010

New Seasonal Foods and Spa bowls

These are a few of my new seasonal and Halloween foods that I have been working on.

I have also introduced my Spa Anara range back in again with handmade Zen stones, giving your mini people some peace and relaxation, these are another of my favourites, yes I have a few lol.

There are a few classic pieces and a couple of new luxury hamper bowls too.

Hope you all enjoy these new seasonal miniatures.

Thursday 16 September 2010

Seasonal GODIVA Halloween Chocolate Cabinet

Well yes its not quite Halloween just yet.. But just you blink and it will be here in no time at all!

So its time to warm up and indulge in something sweet and chocolate filled, so I decided this year to go with something that most of us love, which is chocolate, I hand painted this cabinet in chocolate browns and rich creams, and I handmade all of the little boxes and added silk ribbons and gold embellishments to them.

So if you now crave chocolate well this cute Godiva cabinet will fast sort those cravings out and it will be 100% calorie free too lol!

This cabinet comes with lots of boxes filled with your favourites not forgetting the seasonal chocolate pretzel and chocolate kitty cat faces, and caramel filled frogs yummy!

Hope everyone like this new miniature cabinet!

Keep looking in as there's more miniature seasonal foods coming very soon.

Monday 6 September 2010

Wonderful seasonal Autumn and Halloween goodies

These are a selection of my new wonderful luxury seasonal Autumn and Halloween goodies!

There are some rustic and unusual items too!

Its that time of year when it starts getting cool again, I love Autumn and all its dramatic colourful changes, it makes my want apple pie and lots of tea, and I'm always in mind to buy pumpkins now.

Walking through crispy leaves is something I look forwards too, and once returning home, making lots of little miniature seasonal foods will keep me busy and warm no doubt.

I hope you enjoy these new miniatures.

Friday 3 September 2010

Another exquisite Laduree Miniature!

Hi Everyone!

Yes I have been working on a another exquisite Laduree Miniature!

This time I made a delightful French macaroon tower in pistachio and rose.

I have been making and finishing all my orders this week including the bows on this full size Laduree tower.

So if your patiently waiting on orders that's where I have been hiding under a pile of fimo and ribbon in the early hours working away, I will hopefully be in the completion stages no later than the middle of this month, and some will be sooner.

However as Halloween and then Christmas is soon approaching so these will probably be my last custom orders I will make until after the new year, but don't forget that all my new seasonal minis will be on Ebay and Etsy still though.

Hope you love the tower!

Keep looking in as my wonderful new Fall and Autumn miniatures are coming soon.