Friday 11 June 2010

A few sweet foods... for summer!

Well its not very much like summer here, with chronic constant rain, but i will pretend lol!

It hasn't stopped the Mosquitoes trying to eat me alive though! I have a allergy to gnats, so I sit here itchy and making bows, feeling miserable! sorry to everyone who has been waiting patiently on your minis, but i couldn't brave the PO queue, but rest assured everything will leave shortly though :)

This week I have selected a few of my cakes to show everyone that I don't just make fruit and cheeses lol! I did sneak a couple in still though!

So here are a bunch of minis to cheer everyone up if they are rained in too!

Enjoy :)


  1. Es un sueño!! Precioso!! ( =

  2. They're amazing! I especially love the smores and hot chocolate!

  3. Everything is beautiful!!!
    I have to admit the fruit and cheese is my favorite. I love those boards when the cheese rounds have those colorful labels on them.
    The thing I like about the cake presentation is they are on doilies. That allows you to chose a nice cake stand or one of your own plates.

  4. We all know you can make much more than cheeses and fruits, lol !!
    Chronic rain here too so I really enjoy looking at the cakes, yummy charlottes, the texture of the biscuits is perfect !
    Beautiful cheese board !
    I hope you are well now, bad gnats !

  5. Superb!
    I love your figs.

  6. Oooohhhh I am soooo hungry! I wanna eat all of these! SUPERB!

  7. wow, you are very good in making miniature foods!

  8. Hello and thank you everyone for the fab comments!

    Yes a lot of people tend to love the fruit and chesses the most, lucky I like to make them just as much :)

    I'm still working on that button for you Dirgesinger :) Yes these make me hungry too! I love French cakes, we cant get them here, but they do sell them in London! I miss my vanilla macaroons they are divine!

    Hi Catherine well the doilies can be removed carefully if required, so they work well both ways, but like you I like them better with them on better.

    Hi Marie christine, well I just wanted to make sure you remembered I can make other things lol!
    The texture can be tricky but well worth the time and effort, I really enjoyed making these, some of them I made a while ago, but I just forgot to show them.

    The gnats got me properly this time :| they love to chase me around the garden and follow me into the house to bite me when I'm least expecting it like when I'm blogging lol!!

    Have lovely a warm week everyone!

  9. Beautiful work and fabulous website. xxx