Saturday 29 May 2010

Fine Fruit and Cheese

Hello everyone!

I really like making Fruit and Cheese, its one of my favourites to create, and yes I know I have a few :P but these always appeal so much to me!

I love using high quality products to add to my work, but nothing much beats natural stone, well other than the beauty of real wood.

Hopefully I weill have some sweet foods coming up soon, but if you like these some will be appearing in my shop soon and also on eBay as I type.

Wishing you all a warm sunny week, if we can escape the rain that is lol!

I hope you enjoy these new photos.


  1. Just the best! You make superb fruit and grapes! The cheeses look so tasty AND real! Just amazing work. :o)))

    Michelle :o))

  2. oh, I love the hounted candles!Absolutely fab!

  3. Podrian ser platos de un buffete, estan de lo mas real!!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Ooooooooh I LOVE them all. I am not a sweets person these are my favorites!

  5. These are perfection! So real, the colors and tectures are all wonderful!

  6. Your cheese and grapes are so real, your work is superb.

  7. I am stunned again!What awesome skills, fabulous look and reality:):):) I love the forest fruit basket really:) I wish I could live in a forest.
    And although I do not like cheese to much, You make me want them:)
    On the picture below the peach basket - whats the green and red longish vegetable in the center? I did not recognize it.Thanks!

  8. Hey thanks so much everyone!!

    Your comments are very much appreciated as always and I love to hear from all of you :)

    Well as you might have guessed the fruits of the forest basket was made because of your kind suggestion Dirgesinger thank you :p

    Hey don't tell anyone but actually like cheese either lol!! ;) With the exception of smooth mozzarella and stinky Camembert, but I wish I did because cheese looks all so fantastic!

    However I love making it in miniature for you all to see, and that's the main thing.

    Oh and the mystery veg is really fruit :p and it's rhubarb :p it looks like rhubarb in real life I promise, I made it from real rhubarb, it just has no leaves, well because didn't need to make any for them as it was a special order for a lovely lady.

    I will hopefully get some of these minis in a shop shortly for you guys to purchase, but they keep going to new homes before I get a chance though :p

    Oh and Kat if you are looking in I have a special gift coming your way at last!!

    Have a wonderful week everyone!

  9. Woooaaaaooo!! Es asombroso el realismo que logras!!¡Muchas felicidades por ese talento y que lo aprovechas muy bien!!

  10. Thanks so much glad you like these :)

    Oh I forgot Dirgesinger I'm still looking into making that button for you :) I will put it up as soon as I can.

  11. Amazing fruits and amazing cheeses.....the cheeses look so realistic and I know what it means, I live in France !
    I love the way your settings turn out, once again fabulous !

  12. Thanks so much dear! I feel really honoured:)

    That I did not recognize rhubarb is not Your fault and not Your works's too but mine for I have never seen rhubarb before and i just did not know whats it like:) But anyways it looks soo yummy. I guess Your miniatures would make me want to eat those things i juust can't stand too, they are so fantastic:)

  13. Hello marie christine! I'm so happy you love everything I make, thank you for the wonderful comments :) I have been to France over ten times at least, as I love it so much there, and all the hundreds of cheeses in the huge hypermarkets still amaze me!! I guess that's why I love to make them :)

    OH wow Dirgesinger you haven't seen rhubarb before, if you can buy it then you should maybe try some :) it tastes really crazy! but don't ever eat the leaves as they are quite toxic so I'm told.
    I will have some more mini sweet food to tempt you soon too.

    Wow I even got spammed today too lol! sorry about that guys.

    Have a warm weekend everyone :)

  14. Your work is really incredible. So small and so perfect.

    Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany

  15. I love them all but I love the wild berries, they are so well made they made my hungry ha ha ha!

  16. Thanks you guys :)

    Hi kat how are you? glad you love the fruits of the forest too!