Wednesday 16 June 2010


At long last! I have my new website up and running!!

We launched it a few hours ago on beta, but found with the exception of a few bits and bobs we are totally ready for everyone to see it now! all the long hours we put into it have finally paid off in a working website.

Also I have put up a select few photos from the site for a little preview.

I very much hope you enjoy the new miniatures.


  1. As usual very very yummy! Love the cheeses plater!

  2. love the cakes and cheese platers !! they look so delicious !

  3. Thanks so glad you both love the cheese boards.

    If click the link you can have a look at my new website.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Eve, your new web-site is wonderful, I had a great look around and I joined your mailing list/news much fun. Plus lots more fabulous miniatures to buy...(and it's not Ebay)...Yeh!!!!
    I know it must be a lot of hard work, but it does look wonderful!
    Linda x

  5. the website looks wonderful! congrats! who designed it?

  6. Sorry forgot to write: I love the site!:)

  7. Congratulations! Absolutely lovely new site and all the details are fantastic! I can't wait for new additions!

  8. Beautiful website, the design reflects your own personality, congratulations !

  9. oooooooooooooooo have to look at your new website. Love the cheese board so realistic makes me hungry ha ha!

  10. Back again just put a little mention of your new website on my blog :-)

  11. Hey thanks Linda :) I wanted to make a few little fun bits in the website, so I'm glad you like them, we even made a quirky 404 page!

    Yes your right its not ebay or Etsy :P So its much better, but I still have paypal but you cant win them all can you? lol!

    Hello Sumaiya Well I designed it :) It was made it totally from scratch, I put it all together and built everything, even the animation on the lantern and candles, and my partner did the html and linked it all together, there's more to come too.

    But I had no plans at all to make it this way..seriously, and this is what came out, and I'm really pleased with it :D

    btw I like my chocolate & fruit tart that is up on your site it look good there thanks :p

    Hey thanks old maid, for me its just wonderful to see it launch at last.

    Hi Dirgesinger :) I will be putting many more miniatures in the shop soon, I'm still trying to get that button made, I'm sure I can get it sorted soon, well now the website is ready anyway :P

    Hey there marie christine, well you helped kick start me to finally get this site up, as most of you might know I'm pretty long winded, not that I mean to be, but a lot of time goes into making these minis and I get rather consumed in making them at times, so I have to say a very big thank you for the inspiration!

    Hi Kat ohhh I got some wonderful goodies from you today! the hat is divine! and thank you so much for the wonderful extra he will look so fantastic!!
    Oh and if anyone needs any miniature hats this is defiantly the Lady to see :P

    Thanks for the shout out on your blog, if you link me to your site I will link you up here too, or you can give your self a plug ;)

    I you all get time please keep popping by the website and if you look hard enough you might find something special now and again!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  12. Congratulations! Your website is great.