Monday 21 June 2010

French Charlotte Cakes

I have always loved fine French foods and a certain little macaroon shop in France! which happens to sell the most wonderful creamy pastries and alike... so these are my craving relief until I get back to France lol!

These cakes work well with almost any topping, but I really do like the fresh fruit and the dark chocolate coffee!

I will be starting my ebay auctions as normal with a few of the other items shown, however I have just listed some of these cakes on a special buy it now for a change, as I had a few more than I needed they are in both in ebay and etsy too :)

I hope you enjoy viewing them!


  1. your ribbon is PERFECT! I havent taken pics of my charlotte cake yet because of my crappy ribbon....and the color of the grape is perfect also! unbelievable!

  2. ur cakes are so beautiful !!!
    and ur screaming candles is hilarious ! =P

  3. Your charlottes are perfect. I love charlottes, my mum makes a strawberry one, it is delicious.
    I would love to eat your tiramisu charlotte, as I love both cakes.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your creations! THe candles are great!

  5. che spettacolo... delle creazioni meravigliose!!!

  6. they are a feast for the eyes ... and sorry for the belly! ha ha! if they were true I would have already tasted all ... wonderful!

  7. Your charlottes are absolutely wonderful.

  8. Geez! I love chocolate, especially dark, I love purple berries, and grapes, and I am just dying to eat these most amazing creation of Yours! You know the ancient story of two artists competing about which one's art is more perfect - You would absolutely win the contest:)

  9. Es usted una gran artista. Siempre hace un trabajo hermoso y muy delicado. Gracias

  10. Es absolutamente imposible escoger un postre de los que nos has mostrado, son todos una maravilla y ademas muy reales.
    Enhorabuena por el trabajo!!
    besitos ascension

  11. I never get tired of looking at your creations !
    Today I say WOOOOOW !
    Thanks a lot for sharing them with us ! Do I have to get another display cabinet, lol ?!!!!

  12. Hi everyone :)

    Hi Minnie Kitchen yes getting the ribbon right is a challenge, bows are the hardest thing to make lol! Glad you like the new grapes these are a greener colour than normal as they are a different kind of grape.

    Hello ele B its super you like the cakes they are quite poplar, oh yes the screaming candles are funny aren't they :p
    I love making haunted minis, I'm thinking of actually making more!

    Hi miniacollection yes I never got around to making a strawberry Charlotte just ever other flavour I could think of lol!

    Hey there Old Maid thanks and its always nice to hear from you :)

    Thank Rosa-kreattiva happy you like them.

    Well I wont be eating any of these even if they were real cockerina but they are a temptation, im saving room for any vanilla macaroons :p But its the good thing about minis as you can buy them and drool all day long as they are 100% calorie free!

    Hello elis welcome to my blog and very lovely of you to say so :)

    Hello Dirgesinger :D I have a button for you at last so you can share my blogger with your friends, its up the top on the right, thanks for bearing with me while it was being made :)
    I'm so glad you love the cakes and chocolates. maybe one day when I'm long gone when these are then ancient times, perhaps these will be some obscure treasured art works of the future?

    Hi M Carmen Casanova I like your name :) thanks for the super compliments!

    Thanks Ascension, its hard to choose.. your so right but I have to say I do love the chocolate coffee cake the most!

    Hello marie christine :D

    Ahh well there will be lots more I'm sure, I'm pleased you enjoy seeing them all.

    And well yes you can buy another cabinet if you like lol! ;)

    Take care everyone I will drop in again soon mean time have a super week!

  13. Me encantan las Charlotte, las de verdad, y tus miniaturas son perfectas!!!
    Me he quedado con la boca abierta, maravillada :O

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  15. A Polite request to the person continuously spamming this blog, if your post is not miniature related then please do not post anything else, as people come to read about miniatures here.
    Thank you.

  16. Everything is just beautiful!!!! I love the detail and the originality!!!!!!

  17. Are the wooden bowls from Tom???? I think so..... and I can't get enough pictures of YOUR wonderful miniatures. Are you considering to go to the best miniature show in Germany?