Tuesday 12 October 2010

Even More Halloween Goodies!

Yes More Halloween Goodies!

Plus a few others too...

There are some new seasonal cookies and cakes, I originally wanted to make some of my Halloween dessert cups but I thought a brownie cake and round boo! cookies would be just as cute! I love making the tiny pumpkins, they worked out nicely and finish off the brownie well.

My new range of thin burnt old candles look as if they came straight out of a Indiana Jones or Goonies movie! So all you need now is a rolling bolder and some treasure to go with them!

So if the Haunted house miniature scene is more your thing this month then I have made some crazy potion bottles, I was inspired by Nikki Rowe's old Etsy shop banner, her miniatures are really cool! Also Kat the hat lady has some lovely new hats, yes I have actually been blogging this week lol!

I have also made some fantastic green olives for your James bond martini lol! New luxury bread, the delightful basket which was handmade by true to scale miniatures worked so well again.
There are handmade garden peas which are set in a stone bowl by the wonderful Tom Saunders as are the olives. Plus some wild picked mushrooms from the mini woodland for the season.

Also anyone waiting for any miniatures, then they will be with you shortly.

I hope you enjoy all the photos!


  1. Eve, it's so fun to see how you fill the baskets! As always, your miniatures are enchanting.

  2. Todo Absolutamente Todo te ha quedado genial.
    La cesta de setas Las Vegas, la de los gisantes, Las olivas, higos los, los paneles de los, las pócimas, Las Velas.
    Todo precioso esta.
    Besitos de mayo

  3. I have not been here lately but as I see Your artistic genius was at work in the meantime:) I love the Halloween-themes miniatures, even to look at them is a pleasure:) Keep on working, I love Your art!!!

  4. Inspired pictures as always, I'm always thrilled to see what's new ! A delight !

  5. Ogni oggetto è bellissimo i fichi sono i miei preferiti!

  6. These are wonderful!
    You might like to subscribe to Pierre Herme and some other Paris pastry newsletters...

  7. Amazing, your creations are nothing short of amazing. I love the candles and mushrooms the most! Also in your etsy store I saw the darling little bottle of Grand Marnier (my favorite) and was like 'how do they do it?!'


  8. Una entrada muy, muy, muy completa. Nos enseñas las galletas de Halloween que no dan miedo, dan hambre aunque tengan la araña. Y despues tanta perfección con los higos y los panes.
    Ese grupo de velas estarán preciosos en cualquier lugar, una mesa un rincon, en el suelo. Me encantan.
    Besos Clara

  9. Haces cosas preciosas y una bienvenida a Halloween.

  10. Your mushrooms are just.. wow!

  11. Hi everyone!!

    I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween :)

    New minis coming up next, thanks for the nice comments on these.

    Oh and Mel I haven't forgotten you! Your screamers will be on they way soon lol! sorry for the wait.

    See you all shortly!

  12. I love your work! I am a painter/photographer that recently started trying miniatures to fill my great grandmothers dollhouse that we have been restoring after a flood. It is so addictive to begin looking at everything that is edible to see if one can reproduce it in miniature...clearly you can! Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!