Wednesday 3 November 2010

A little taste of Christmas!

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween!

Other than being busy with birthdays I haven't been very well, how I got it I'll never know?
So I decided to get some TLC, so I disappeared and hid under my duvet for a while, but now I'm back to normality.. and staying away from the sneezers, so I should be ok to commence with the Christmas goodies soon.

However I have actually been having a little dabble already, this is for the early birds amongst us ;) I really like Shreks Gingy so he is going to be popping up through out this season, so I hope you like him too!

There is also one of my favourite pieces here as I love making the rustic bowls, and I have been hand crafting a few of them recently, I really adore the way the turned out especially the Tuscan grape bowl.

I haven't forgotten the SPA ANARA collectors ;) but I have a few finishing touches are needed until they are ready to show everyone just yet, however one got through as it was just ready in time.

Enjoy everything, and see you all very soon hopefully!


  1. Una delicia ver tus trabajos.
    Las uvas están perfectas, me encanta el toque de traslucido.
    La presentaci├│n de los alimentos en esa madera exquisita.
    Besos Clara

  2. Lovely work. The gingerbread is so cute

  3. Perfection as always! I love all the details!

  4. Che bei Lavori, specialmente l'uva.

    Love it.

  5. Absolutely amazing! I adore the Gingy! You're so talented

    Happy mini-ing

  6. As always a wonderful work! And I love the rustic bowl! Andrea

  7. Love the spa anara bowl of course !

  8. gingy!!! your grapes are perfect!

  9. Thanks so much everyone, I'm sorry I have not been about to say hi to all of you, but being as its almost Christmas I have been a very busy bee.

    But keep looking in as I'm doing another Give-away, but its a Christmas one this time!

    So glad you all love the Shrek Gingy, he so super cute!

    I will be posting new minis soon so keep looking in.

  10. Lovely work...always a beautiful! I'm from Tuscany:-)