Thursday 7 October 2010

Seasonal Foods and a few Halloween Treats!

Well its been a little while... so a big hello to everyone!!

Its now my favourite time of the year... and I hope you are all having a lovely time with the seasonal changes and no ones too cold just yet!

I have been trying to get things moving along with my new miniatures, but between the extremely late nights and my two year old being particularly demanding this month, I think my get up and go... got up and went lol!

But dont despair as I now actually have a few new miniatures ready to show everyone at long last! and I'm sort of back into gear now!

I have a totally new selection of delightful Halloween cakes and treats, and another new SPA ANARA piece and also a new luxury basket of breads, I have a used a delightful basket from Carol from true 2 scale miniatures to create this luxury piece, as you can see she makes the most wonderful baskets!

I hope you like the new Seasonal Foods and a few Halloween treats!


  1. WOW! You have been busy! I love them all, such incredible detail ;)

  2. I really wish I had been busy with the miniatures :p

    I have really been more busy with trying to stay awake and keep my eyes open while my cute little two year old screams at me about everything :p

    I guess its just one of those two year old things, lucky they grow out of it fast lol!

    But hopefully I will get more things done in the next few days, after all Christmas is only round the corner too!

    Anyway I'm very happy that you both like these new Halloween additions.

  3. El pequeño de dos años ocupa mucho tiempo pero seguro que es un placer estar con él.
    Tus dulces estan exquisitos y con una presentación muy elegante. Los caracoles están increibles, tan diminutos y con todos los detalles de su caparazón. Fantasticos.
    La fuente con las velas es otra exquisitez.
    Besos Clara

  4. Lovely work Eve!
    I especially love the Horn of plenty :)

    I am with you in mini making spirit! I know just what it's like to be working into the wee small hours and then looking after small but very busy little people! :)

  5. Hello Kerry :)

    I was thinking about you and your delightful Halloween miniatures today, I have some lovely spa bowls lined up from Tom, so I will be taking to you soon ;)

    Yes the kids keep us mini makers super busy, well if this is us busy then just think what we could achieve if we had more time spare lol!

    Ok off to the mini grind, I need to make bread now :)

    Talk to you soon.

    Oh and thanks to everyone else for the super comments.

    See you all soon.

  6. As usual, wonderful job Eve! The mini treats look delicious!

  7. Everything is perfect, but the snails are wonderful.

  8. Seriously gorgeous foods! You are such a talent. Love Halloween foods, even though we don't celebrate it in Australia.

  9. Everything you make is always so perfect! Everyhting is just beyond fabulous and I love the horn of plenty and the luxary breads!

  10. Dearest Eve,

    Thank you for the lovely comment to my blog, so nice to hear from you! Yes, London was wonderful....only two days though, but I spent much of that in the Portobello Rd area. We have another day in London before we fly home early December.

    I have been keeping an eye on your blog and the amazing things you tempt us with. The 'escargot' is wonderful, I love it!!!! I would have bought it but my paypal account is drained and I can't replenish it from this side of the world....perhaps you will make some more another time....hopefully!!

    Paris is wonderful and I am having a fabulous time....lots & lots of walking, but you see so much more that way.

    Keep in touch....regards from Paris...Linda x

  11. So detailed garlic snails ! Do you know most of french people don't like snails ?!..