Monday 17 May 2010

So many minis... yet so little time!

Well I'm never the fastest person, as some of you might know.. I'm sorry guys, but this week has been really hectic, so bear with me :p
You know I even missed out on a Birthday over on the Mini food blog recently.

Well I thought better late than never right? So I made this little board, I hope you like it

I also have some non birthday related goodies I have been working on!

The Nectarine bowl was made by Tom Saunders, The cherry bowl was made by Bertie Pittman & the Burl orange bowl was also hand made by another Artisan.

Oh and the stone slab was mine :P

Enjoy everyone :)


  1. Simply fantastic!! I love the screaming candles and just about everything just as much!!! :o))

    Michelle xx

  2. Wow!!!...once again, many, many amazing pieces, they are all wonderful Eve....fabulous!!!


  3. I am in love with the candles too, and oh that fruit is to die for! The birthday board is beautiful I love all the colours. Will be watching it all on ebay if its going on and wishing Kensington hadnt cleaned me out moneywise so much as id love to add some of these to my collection!! Kate xx

  4. Every time I come to Your blog I become INCREDIBLY hungry and want to eat up the fridge :P You are gorgeous! I am in love with each of Your works. Amazing talent!

    Have You tried raspberries and other forest fruits?

  5. Also...may I ask a button or something, I want to add You to my blog so that all my friends could know about You:):)

  6. WOH ! You always amaze me !
    I love everything !
    The cheese and fruit board on a stone is fantastic !
    I love everything !

  7. WONDERFUL realistic work!! I really love it all and that deli salami looks fab!!

  8. Your food is truly amazing.

  9. Hello Everyone :)

    Its been crazy here I'm trying to get back to everyone, and I'm sorry to anyone who is still waiting.

    Hi Michelle I thought the candles would be a nice non food item and really fun to make too! pleased you love them and everything else too.

    Hello Linda, I have been following your blog too when time permits, you have a collection of the most exquisite miniatures! I'm happy to know you like this new selection. Its always lovely to say hello to you :)

    Hi Katie at Whittaker's Miniatures, well your more than welcome to have a bid once it starts in a few days time, I'd love to do dolls house fairs but time doesn't allow me that privilege just yet lol!

    Hi Dirgesinger nice to hear from you again, oh my I don't want you raiding your fridge :o but I'm sure once in a while wont hurt ;)

    I will have a go at making some fruits of the forest just for you, I was going to make raspberries but I ran out of time, as they take ages and they are incredibly tiny.

    I don't know how to make a button for blogger, I'm still a bit of a newbie to these things, but I will find out and link you up, so you can add your friends, I will post it here or something :)

    Hello Marie christine I hope your well, I have an email from you I need to answer which I will do soon :) sorry for the delay I have Been so busy, its all go here!

    I'm so happy you love everything, the cheese and fruit stone display is my new favourite, there is always one or two pieces I really love myself :P

    Thanks Mr. Pineapple man, I always try ;) glad you love the minis.

    Hello Patty well the salami will be available soon I'm not sure where to put this one yet but it will be in either Etsy or eBay, glad you really like it.

    Hi miniacollection thanks for the lovely comment :)

    Talk to everyone soon :)

  10. Thank You dear for the button:) That would be wonderful!
    I also do not want to place too much work on You with those raspberries, it was just a suggestion:):)

  11. Oh no I don't mind working on some raspberries, I hope to find a bit of time to make them soon :)

    I'd love to make some fruits of the forest too, it sounds really yummy, a fantastic suggestion! and I always love suggestions.

    I will still have to figure out a button for you, I think you can get a "friend follower" on your blog that follows mine? but I will look into it, because I don't know for sure, unless you do? or anyone else.

    Have a fantastic lovely sunny day! ;)

  12. I ADORE the Cake! ... and I am crazy about the fruits you have been making lately!

  13. Thanks so much Sumaiya its always lovely to see you :) I'm so happy you like the cake prep!

    I love your blog it's a really fantastic place for buyers to browse, as I'm not just in to making minis but collecting them too ;)

    Well fruit is my thing right now, everyone loves to see it, so I'm sure there will be much more soon, please let me know if there's anything you would like to see.

  14. So beautiful... wonderful miniatures. :-)