Tuesday 9 March 2010

Something sweet ... and juicy too!

I have got really stuck into making savoury food lately, Italian food to be precise, well I eat it all week long I really love pasta, but my true favourite Italian food has to be tiramisu. Sometimes I wonder if I'm actually from some long lost Italian descent or something?

So anyway I thought I'd make something nice and sweet too this week as well as some apple prep display boards, I just cant seem to get enough of making these :p



  1. Everything is really beautiful:)

  2. Great food, I love ham especially! Great apples and cakes!

  3. Hey thanks Christel, I'm quite a big fan of your cupcakes :) I just love the coconut & lime ones! I'm very pleased you like my miniatures.

    Ohh yes roasted ham! So much better in real life... but only because I can't eat Fimo ;)

    Meat was the very first thing I made years ago, although it was all raw meat, I like making cooked meat much better, in fact I have just made my very first fimo roast chicken this week!

    But I'm so obsessed with making blushed apples :o I cant seem to stop myself help lol!


    they're all really really beautiful and realistic, gorgeous photos too! :)

  5. Wonderful apples and blackberries! The strawberry cake and cheese cake makes my mouth watering... those strawberries looks so real!!

  6. I have just left a little present for You on my blog, here:


  7. Hi, I am so impressed with your miniatures...incredible... I have a blog award for you on my blog.


  8. Thanks so much for the awards everyone!!

    I wish I had the time spare to send awards too, as I know some of you have the most wonderful stuff on your blogs, and some very interesting work too, but I'm glad you all love the detail in my work! and I thank you for making the time to do that, its really nice.

    Fruit is my "new mini love" so to say lol! I cant get enough of making it, someone will put in a huge order then I will be possibly very sorry I ever said that lol!

    I have been busy doing all kinds of mini stuff today, and adding my new logo as you can see!! however once tomorrow comes I will most likely hide under a duvet or something lol ;)