Thursday 18 March 2010

A few changes... yes its Spring and im cleaning lol!

Well its almost Spring at last yippppy! I can feel this in the lovely temperatures we have had in the past few days, and the spring flowers popping up everywhere, I was surprises to find a huge hyacinth in my garden in a little pot, it was very sweet, I hadn't seen it before today as its the first day I have stepped out into the garden since early winter, so i grabbed it up and popped it indoors, I felt like a grizzly bear in the forest coming out of hibernation or something going outside for the first time lol! I was so inspired I have started a brand new Facebook and Youtube channel.

Also I have just made a new logo to put up on blogger which fits just nicely, its part of my long awaited new After Dark website look which I have been working on for a while, well not so much working on it than meaning to ;) anyway I hope you like it.

Here are a few new miniatures food items to feast your eyes upon too!

The roasted chicken is my very first one!


  1. Love the new logo and the grapes in the box! Great job!

  2. realmente MARAVILLOSO un trabajo perfecto.
    Saludos Loly
    REALLY WONDERFUL a perfect work.
    Regards Loly

  3. I'm glad you like the new logo & the grapes :)

    This is a new theme from my website, I made this one for my new you tube and flicker.
    I also use it on ebay too now, so I thought its about time to put it up here on my blog too! I best sort my Etsy out too, that's when I get a moment spare lol!

    Hi Loly, glad you like the miniatures & thanks for your blogger link!

    I'm off to watch twilight new moon now, we got a special midnight opening to buy the DVD here in the UK, I just know its going to totally inspire me to make something twi-hard in miniature lol!

    Happy mini collecting everyone :)

  4. The grapes are peeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect!And the cupcakes...without words!
    I love them!

  5. Me ha dejado con la boca abierta, creia que eran uvas de verdad,! Qué maravilla!. Felicidades

  6. GENIAL!!!!!!
    No puedo entender como haces esas preciosas miniaturas tan chiquitinas y que te queden tan reales, es una maravilla, siempre consigues sorprenderme.
    La uva, esta diciendo...comeme...comeme....
    besitos ascension

  7. Thanks so much everyone! I'm just putting up my new Italian food on Etsy and ebay and this blog! so have a look out for it soon :)

  8. halo!love ur cakes vry much. may i noe what u use to make the shape of the cream?