Tuesday 2 March 2010

Hello everyone... I'm still here working away quietly :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new year and a lovely Valentines day! i have missed out on quite a lot, but i have been working away making some very new creations...

I hope you enjoy them all :) and as always everything is fully handmade from fimo clay.

Also if you like anything then please don't forget to check out my ebay listings and my ETSY shop or even email me.


  1. Truly amazing stuff. I really can't understand how you manage to make so realistic looking food from fimo - I've tried and it's so difficult.

    Wonderful stuff, I especially love the rustic pizza and bread&cheese.


  2. Beautiful creations! I am always getting hungry watching minifood! yummy!

  3. Well a lot of it goes into time, in fact there are lots of processes such as baking and shading etc.

    But when I first stated years ago I always thought I could get the texture and shading just from the clay alone, lots of people do still but its a bit old school for me, I like a rustic look.

    Just practice in your spare time and it will come :)

    I always tend to make what I'm craving for at the moment, so I guess its fruit and Italian food lol!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos :)

    Keep looking in for more.

  4. you just made me VERY VERY hungry. :)

  5. I've missed your work so much! The fruit bowls are amazing...

  6. Wow, this is absolutely fantastic! Fruit bowl is something beautiful and so real! And salami. I love it!

  7. Thanks everyone :) I'm so glad you love everything, I'm working on more fruit and meat at the moment, the apples are such a joy to make, also I'm making a few cake preps because everyone tends to like to see these.

    Lovely to see you too Sumaiya I have really missed being here too, I have been checking into your blog from time to time as I love to see everyone's work, being a bit of a collector myself ;)

    I will be putting some more photos up soon for everyone to enjoy, so keep looking in.

  8. you are on the mini food blog today! :)

  9. Thanks Sumaiya I will come and check that out now :)