Friday 7 October 2011

New Godiva Halloween Chocolate Cabinet

Hello everyone!

It’s been busy here with a few custom miniatures on the go, but to break up the gourmet macaroon making a bit, I decided to double up and also to make a new Halloween Godiva Chocolate Cabinet.

I loved the way the last one looked, so I thought I'd make a sister cabinet, they are both unique but also matching in some respects and would look good in any kind chocolate shop as a independent display.

I do have a few other pails of seasonal veg and pumpkins for the non chocolate loves, hold on.. is there actually anyone out there who doesn't love Godiva chocolate?

Anyway do enjoy the photos, hopefully there will be more to come before Halloween is upon us!


  1. ¡¡¡ me encantan ¡¡¡¡
    besos elena

  2. amazing!!! so creativity, love the way you placed the minis!

  3. Lovely! I really like the Halloween inspiration!

  4. WOW, Everything is so Perfect and adorable

  5. İ would love to see the way you do them. İf you have a tutorial please add that too. They are so gourgeous.

  6. UMMM! All the minis look so pretty. Congratulations for your marvellous work. Kisses

  7. Thanks everyone, I have been collecting a few halloween goodies myself recently too ;)

    Oh and dont forget to check out my store on Etsy as I have all of my halloween goodies in a seasonal sale!

  8. Well you do achieve the realistic look, now I am diving into my cupboards to see what choc treats I might have, all in preparation for the tric a treat callers you understand? Lol

    Warm Regards