Thursday 15 September 2011

Another Addition... My New Luxury Chocolate Cabinets in Pink and Blue

Hello everyone, here is another little addition... or two!!

These are my new luxury chocolate cabinets in eggshell blue, and baby blush pink these both have a classic but rustic French feel to them, with some natural "age wear" it gives the look of grandeur but with a rustic charm.

I have filled them with the most exquisite chocolate bars, candy gourmet fudge and praline chocolates, finished with the finest silk bows and set in artisan glass, great for chocolate shops, posh boutiques or even a luxury pantry, they would really make a great addition to any miniature scene.

These luxury cabinets came about a while ago, I was waiting for a few deliveries to arrive and I was given the idea by a collector, but as the post just seems to be getting slower.. so I had time to think about it more and more, so to keep my busy in-between everything else (not that I am not busy enough already now) I thought I'd put together these fab new cabinets.

Anyway I hope you enjoy all of the photos!

More to come soon :)


  1. Perfect and beautiful as always!

  2. Oooh luxury chocolate cabinet looks very sweet. You have had much work. I like it. minihugs Kati

  3. The cabinet is fabulous! Amazing chocolates!

  4. Stunning, I adore your work! :)

  5. Magníficos expositores y los detalles son realmente una maravilla. Un saludo, Eva

  6. Your craftsmanship is absolutely amazing! So beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Both the pink and the blue ones are stunning! :)

  8. Tienes un blog precioso, lleno de minis maravillosas. Me encanta todo lo que haces pero estos muebles son un lujo .Enhorabuena por tu trabajo.