Saturday 30 July 2011

New Miniatures.. with a rustic feel!

Hello everyone!

I haven't been hiding away I promise!! Instead I have just been very busy, however I have had just a little time spare these past few days to make and list some new goodies.

I guess I have had cheese and luxury meat on my mind again, cant you just tell? lol!

As I have missed making minis so much, I thought I would add a few of my luxury pieces in again, which always bring me a smile, as well as a couple of gorgeous little storm lanterns for your mini gardens and luxury Spa rooms too.

Enjoy the new photos!


  1. wow!!!! Such stunning pieces....I adore them all!!!

  2. Hello Linda,

    Its always great to see you :)

  3. Precioso todo...impecable, perfecto.
    Enhorabuena `por las manos de la artesana¡¡¡
    Un beso

  4. These are all stunning, the rustic meat board makes me want to be on holiday on the continent ... and the bread and cheese and fruit :-)

  5. Ya tardabas en aparecer. Un trabajo estupendo como siempre.
    Besos, Narán

  6. Where do you get your talent from? So much detail. So amazing

  7. Thanks everyone, its really nice to know you all enjoy my work so much.

    Hi Lisa, well its a skill developed over time and practice, but everything comes from just memory and looking at food really.

  8. My REAL food doesn't look as real as your mini food! :) Yum! I'm gonna follow you from now on... :)

  9. Everythin is So Beautiful, Aesthetic and Eatable... Just Adore them!

  10. Incredible work, so well done! :)