Tuesday 14 June 2011

Hello everyone... long time no see!

Hello to all of you, I do hope you have been keeping well.

I also hope that you all haven't given up on me just yet and do still look in from time to time, because as many of you know I have been away from blogger land for quite a while now, but don't despair as I'm back and I have just added a few new miniatures to my Etsy store for the first time in a number of weeks, oh and if you looking in my Etsy store for new miniatures then also dont forget to check out my Easter sale items too x

As many of you might know its very much jam season now here in the UK, so I though what better than to make luxury jam and some fine fresh croissants set off in the finest silver bowl to enjoy the jams with, I have also indulged in making a few of my original SPA ANARA items too, these give such a modern feel to any miniature bathroom or luxury guest spa.

As you can see I have been experimenting with some new and wonderful handmade artisan luxury genuine sterling silver bowls, the fine and heavy fruit bowl gives both a modern and a Tudor feel to it, so its completely ideal for many a luxury setting and the fruit is finely detailed as always, where as the equally heavy croissant bowl has a more grand luxury look and feel to it and would fit into more finer settings very nicely.

Anyway I do hope some of you are still there to say hello and to also enjoy these new photos.


  1. Gosh!! Your work is outstanding!!! I love it all!!

  2. Se te echaba de menos. Me alegro de tu vuelta al mundo del blog.
    Mágnífico trabajo.

    Besos, Narán

  3. Your work is perfect always¡ glad to meet you again

  4. wow, I love those bowls..great work and welcome back.

  5. Wow - you came back with gusto! These new photos are simply stunning Eve - I do so love to see your work. Welcome back. :)
    Caroline x

  6. Hello everyone its so great to hear from you all :)

    Thanks for your wonderful support and lovely comments, I really hope to get some more new minis made to show you very soon too x

  7. So pleased to see you back!
    You have so many gorgeous items in your Etsy shop....wow!

  8. by george, your little jams are simply adorable!

  9. Thanks for the warm wishes all of you :)

    I hope to be about a bit more now with the run up to Halloween, oh and I might just even have another give-away so if you can please keep posted.