Friday 13 June 2014

My New Gourmet Italian Displays

Hello everyone!

These are my new Italian goumet creations, I made three new cabinets and one luxury table, these are all filled with my new goumet Italian food, these pieces are some of my most detailed new work.

Enjoy all of the photos.. and there are more minis to come on Etsy soon too!




  1. Absolutely stunning work......amazing!!!!!! Well done!!!

    Linda x

  2. They are so beautiful. It is dinner time here, and your displays are making me hungry! I wish I could afford one of your displays to put into a sweet mini French magasin gourmand...

  3. Absolutely beautiful, original and amzing work!
    I enjoyed seeing your pictures!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  4. Everything is perfect. Gorgeous!

  5. No words never seem to be enough to tell about how great your work are! Absolutely stunning..
    Each and every time I just gasp my breath for delight and amazement and every time I once again wonder how can anyone be as talent as you are.. Breathtaking..
    xox, Irina

  6. Hello.
    WOW. You are really talented,
    Your little food look very delicious ....

  7. glad to know you are well...these are beautiful as always!