Sunday 29 July 2012

Its that time of year again..

Yes after two whole days of "blisteringly hot summer" and its back to the cold and lashing rain with super storms here again lol!!

But seriously, I feel all I want to make is Autumn or Fall (for the folks across the pond) foods! I just need to see the pumpkins and candy apples and swishing fallen leaves… well okay I am ahead of myself I know, but hey I can dream right?

So for now, something really special from my Tuscan Fall collection..

Enjoy the photos everyone!!

Rustic Luxury Tuscan Birthday Surprise!


This wonderful pecan wood cabinet which is filled full of gifts and candy, this fine piece has been hand worked for many weeks to give it a rustic look.

This has a collection of the most wonderful handmade miniatures, with a artisan made walnut platter set with my fantastic fruit which includes grape leaves and tiny twisted vines, also it has the finest artisan made hand turned stone vase and a totally sweet little dinky perrier water!

The birthday gifts are my handmade candy and treats all set with the finest silk bows and embellishments.

It comes in pink and brown colours and can be used closed as a lovely rustic piece of furniture, or even as a birthday display piece, either way this piece is very shabby chic and totally rustic but also with a hint of modern luxury.


  1. The cabinet has a fabulous painting!

  2. Beautiful and Lovely work!
    Really Amazing!

  3. It looks so real, like you could walk into a confectioners and just see that cupboard standing against the wall! The nice thing about miniature sweets is that they don't have any calories. Miniature candies
    in my doll house shop

  4. Hi everyone :)

    Oh gosh yes I was painting that cabinet for weeks to get that look, its great to get it looking really aged though.

    Glad everyone likes the new miniatures, I also have some great Fall minis coming next too x