Wednesday 2 March 2011

Pretty lavender cabinet and a few new Easter treats too...

Hello everyone!

Well its totally freezing still here brrrr!! But with thoughts of Easter and a few miniatures there's no time to stand about to feel the chill! I have been busy putting together a few new seasonal miniatures in fresh spring shades, as well as a new chocolate cake prep board and a very pretty new cabinet.

The Lavender cabinet makes it feel like Spring again! the fresh cool colours of polar white and lavender just remind me of the cool start to this season, however its more polar weather right now than a polar white cabinet :)

I have added a few gourmet cupcakes to this display, some super cute wrapped candy and a few miniature pretty wrapped gifts, the wonderful lavender was handmade by Marianne her Etsy shop is called Marianne26. If you want to see the whole description or see any other details on this piece you will find this new addition in my Etsy store.

As you can see I have also been filling a few baskets and a new bowl, I couldn't resist making a few pastel eggs after a had a request for some brown eggs from a fellow miniaturist, so I hope she will love them on our swap.

Anyway enjoy all the photos!!


  1. The speckled eggs look lovely! It has just turned autumn here in Australia, so it will be getting cold (well it's been a terrible cold summer anyway), and it's nice to see some spring cheer!

  2. These are adorable! I Love Lavender!!

  3. You're right is very pretty the cabinet and all his content!
    The cake and eggs are ... wonderful!

  4. ¡¡Que maravillaaaa...!! Es una alacena preciosa; fresca y aromática y de una belleza increible. Una estupenda manera de recibir a la primavera. Felicidades por tu estupendo trabajo.

  5. I love the lavender cabinet and all the details in it. Wonderful!

  6. Beautiful work!! I love it all (-:

  7. As usual, your work is lovely!

    The lavender is especially nice, as are the rustic eggs.


  8. Beautiful, as usual :)
    The lavender piece is especially gorgeous.


  9. I love those colourful eggs with the basket!

  10. Thank you for following my blog, your foods look so delicious!
    I have sent you an email.

  11. The Easter cabinet you have on Etsy today is stunning, Jackie

  12. I love it all... are fantastics! Congratulations!!

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  14. There is a link in the blog of Linda Carswell, une petite folie and that's the way I found you. I couldn't be here without say a word of your blog: it's beautiful, your miniatures are very well done, and your creations are adorable and at the same time perfect. I will love to wait for more things to come.

  15. Thanks for the great posts on my cabinet all of you, its lovely to hear from so many of you.

    I just love Linda Carswells blog, isn't she great? Also she is so helpful with links and inspiration, a great lady :)

    My Easter cabinet is coming on the blog soon too, its nice for the people who dont look in on Etsy to see.

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