Thursday 17 February 2011

Yes at last Its nearly Spring! So here are some sweet treats to tempt you!

Yes Its nearly Spring at last, well it is staring to get warm and then all of sudden it gets totally freezing again but with the added misery of freezing fog too! So we might have a way to go just yet granted, but lets hope it's not to long right!

Its always a bit warmer in the City so I guess we are lucky, but I miss the times when you hit the hot London streets with just in the warmth of the air keeping you "cardigan free" wearing just sandals and a skirt....
Well okay I can dream cant I? Instead all I have to keep me toasty is a hot cup of herbal green tea and a big woolly blanket, this weather is so bad it even the dog does not want to be walked lol!

Anyway despite the cool weather I hope everyone had a lovely valentines day and got some nice surprises! I certainly did so I hope you all enjoyed yourselves too!!

Well as usual I was a bit late with listing things in my Etsy store, I'm getting through the backlog of everything now, however amazingly enough I have already made a start on some exciting new Easter goodies, I have just listed a lovely sugar Easter egg pound cake for you early birds.

I have been working with a few new Artisans lately as well as Tom Saunders who works with me all of the time, to bring you the absolutely fantastic wooden bowls I use. Some of their lovely creations I use along with my own as you might already know, this way everything I make remains completely handmade as much as possible.

I have also had the great fortune of finding Steve at the amazing dolls house company, if you want to check out his store he has all manner of little bits to use for building up your dolls house, he has provided me with a few extras that I have greatly needed along the way and I find there's just no better way but to buy than on-line nowadays. Anyway this is the link to his store enjoy!

Just to let you know I will be adding new updated links on the blog to all my other fellow artisans once I some time free, so that way everyone can check out what they have in their shops too, as they all make some really fantastic creations, as well as patty whose wooden miniatures I am now using, her Etsy shop is called pattycake10 you can check her work out here..

This week I have made some seasonal strawberries, they took ages to make with all the little seed holes, so if you ever wonder what I'm doing its that lol! but they look quite the part.. so I thought what better to make some cakes to place them on and they turned out quite yummy looking indeed, what do you think?
I do plan on making a few more as its defiantly the time of year for red berries, so look out for those shortly, as I know some of you enjoyed seeing them if only briefly.

Well as a lot of you know I really like making bread, so I have been a busy bee this week putting bread in all sorts of boxes and baskets, there will be a few more to come, so if you have an empty spot in your bakery you now know where to look.

Grapes are another one of my fiddly items to make, they are all made one one by one and are made by hand too, so it drives me a little nuts, but they look good so I think its well worth the effort, its much the same with the Zen stone display bowls, the pebbles are individually made too, as well as the flowers, bowl and candles.

Anyway enough of my chit chat, here are the new photos.. enjoy!!


  1. Stunning, stunning, stunning as usual Eve. You're the best!
    Caroline x

  2. Your breads are so fresh and mouthwatering! And the grapes are perfectly REAL!

  3. They look so good I can almost smell them!

  4. Everything looks incredible and delicious!

  5. Impresionante de bonitos, perfectos, has dejado impresionada. Me ha encantado todo!!!!!!

  6. Simplemente maravilloso......