Saturday 10 April 2010

Fantastic fruit and Italian deli boards

It's Spring and warm finally... well ok there's no snow and that counts as Spring lol!

Anyway I have been putting together some fruit, Italian deli boards and cakes lately, and as always I have lots of other Italian food and a whole three shelf cabinet of it too!

I hope you like the newest additions to ebay and a few others too.

Enjoy the photos :)


  1. Such fabulous work, it all looks fantastic, such a high standard!!!
    I have been prowling your Etsy shop, you have some amazing things there....I'll be back!!!

    Regards, Linda

  2. Wonderful work here as always Eve! I think my favorite of these are the rustic board with figs, bread and cheese!

    I have sent an e-mail a while ago, maybe you have not seen it? I was thinking about the swap, I would very much want to swap with you!see if you can find my e-mail, otherwise I can send a new one (:

    Kindest wishes,
    Hanna (miniature-chef)

  3. Absolutely wonderful again!
    Have You ever made pomegranates? I was jjust wondering:)

  4. Genial!!!!!!!!!!!
    No podrian ser mas reales!!!!
    Lo que hay en la tabla de preparacion de lo quesos, son datiles?
    besitos ascension

  5. Amazing! I love them!!! Your works are professional and gorgeous!

  6. Dammn I am hungry again! Superb job!

  7. I LOVE your work! I look at it all the time trying to find just the right piece for my collection. My favorites are the boards with bread fruit and cheese. I keep looking to find a smaller board for two people. Red and green grapes a coupld of apples, round cheese cut with one of those great labels on it. A loaf of bread. That is my dream board.

  8. Hello everyone I'm glad everyone loves these new additions :)

    Linda I'm pleased you like the detail I put in my miniatures, you are more than welcome to drop by my Etsy shop any time, and don't forget I also sell on ebay too.

    I change my minis around a lot so you should find new miniatures every week, at least somewhere in my websites, all the links are in the top right of this blogger page of all my sites.

    Hannah I love making figs and doing swaps lol, but I'm not sure I got your email?
    If anyone emails me and you don't get a reply try again as I'm on-line most of the time, or even if I'm doing other things I drop in at least one a week, so Hannah do feel free to email me again :)

    Dirgesinger no I have never made pomegranates, I think I might give that a go, I use to eat them when I was a child, I love the texture of the seeds, they are really quite strange, and they pop out everywhere :p

    Oiseau deNim love your minis too! thanks so much for the wonderful complements.

    Ascension my Spanish is a bit poor sorry, I'm trying though I promise, I love the Spanish islands :) yes there are cheeses and majewel dates on that cute board! I have never made them before they were tricky, but I love eating the real ones!

    The Old Maid, thanks I'm please you like the new minis, well I can cook you some real food but don't eat the fimo!
    Although its probably 100% calorie free and looks wonderful, I'm sure it tastes horribly and its bad for your teeth ;) but seriously I'm glad you keep looking in it's nice to see you again.

    Catherine, if you would like a custom board I can make anything you want. Just give me a shout, I'm always happy to do commissions for anyone, that's if you don't mind waiting some time to get the perfect miniature which we can design together :)

    I have some more really wonderful and very detailed fruit coming up soon so keep looking in for that too.

    Happy mini making and collecting too!

  9. Incredible ! Just incredible work ! Can't wait to see more !