Wednesday 9 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho! Hey Santa cant i get one of those?

Christmas Cabinets!

Yes Santa and his elves have been working over time this year! umm ohh well yes technically it was me but don't tell anyone! :) the photos could have been better as these look really fantastic in life, but they are good enough to give you an idea.

Here are a luxury selection with glass jars and chocolates that are 24k gold embellished, i have to say though gingerbread houses are my real favorite, I just want to bite right into one! i'd need a cup of tea first, and then to be shrunk down into 1.12th scale lol!

If your list to Santa looks a bit empty this year then you can always add any of theses to it, as they are just available for purchase.

Hope you like these :)

I also made some of these a year ago too they went down a treat, here are the old photos...

Anyone remember these?


  1. Wow, they are amazing! They really made me want some chocolate! And it made me want a 1:12 chocolate shop! :-D

  2. All of them are wonderful....

  3. Wow, gorgeous! I need to look at each and every one in detail... when I get a chance to! Well don,e superb work.

  4. Amazing!! I'm becoming a fan of you :P

    See you!

  5. Une boutique de rêve! (A dream shop!)

  6. Glad you like :)

    I think they make Christmas even more Christmassy!

    Well just to let you know I have a few more goodies to come on here and a few photos too.

    My last single miniatures have just started on ebay now, these run for the next seven days so don't miss them if you are looking to buy in auction, as thats the last chance until after xmas. Also some are ending too so don't forget to check them out too.

    My Etsy shop and website will remain open though, I will even put some xmas minis in it,
    and hopefully my NEW website will open and you will get the news about it here.

    After that I will be wishing you all a Happy Christmas and taking a well earned rest, I will then see you around valentines day if not a bit before.

    Happy mini making & collecting.