Friday 27 November 2009

It's almost December... 4 weeks to Christmas!!

Its really getting chilly now outside, i almost froze my bits off getting the post from the mail box yesterday ekk!

So instead of braving the awful British weather I have been busy over the past few weeks indoors keeping warm and getting all festive, here are a few of my new and original Christmas minis.

I very much hope you like them all! :)

The single items will be available on ebay later tonight..


  1. These are wonderful! You are absolutely talented!:)

  2. Your creations are absolutely delightful. It would even put the Grinch in Christmas Spirit!

  3. *u* I love them all!! Look so yummy ^^ So realistic :)

  4. Oh wooow.... It's so beautiful !!! very real ! if i didn't see your hand on the foto and didn't know that they are miniatures I would think to eat all sweeties....