Friday 31 July 2009

Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with... Cake

Pink iced cake to be exact!

This 1.12th scale miniature is a very sweet little set, the little icing bag has leaked its sugary icing paste onto the board!

I really do like the way icing tastes, i use to make up a whole batch with my dad when i was little, then store it away... it would be as hard as a rock by the end of the week and completely inedible lol!

You know I really love making prep boards :) there is just something about the way they look, its almost like Christmas with cake pans and tiny silver balls and icing everywhere, mind you we have a few months to think about that just yet thankfully.

A pink frosting delight!


  1. Just gorgeous...may I ask...what do you use for your icing? It looks so lifelike!

  2. This one is so lovely!
    I need to make some cake prep boards as well :)
    Very inspiring!

  3. Only one word.....LOVELY!!!!. And my favourite colour...PINK

  4. You are a very talented artist,miniaturist, I am sharing your work with other miniaturist.
    I am in awe !

  5. This looks yummy for me .
    Beautiful colors
    Love from the Netherlands , RINI

  6. Hi everyone!! Well i have been busy phew!!! sorry for the lack of answers this week.

    Im glad everyone like this one so much, its on ebay at the moment actually ending today, hey guys don't tell anyone but i liked my chocolate cake better but i guess thats just because its chocolate :) lol!

    In answer to questions on the icing i use fimo and mixed media to make my miniatures, i forget that everyone doesn't know that already sorry guys who didn't.

    Well the icing took some work to master and lots of clean ups while i was in practice, but i think i got it pretty much right, so much so i can ice big cakes now too, the kids were most pleased with the cupcakes!

    Well I get my ideas out of my head its pretty much what i would eat at the time i guess, if i could get it to eat that is, but why i was thinking about iced cake who knows? but it's nice and original though.

    Its ham cheese and grapes this week...