Sunday 6 February 2011

A Valentines Voucher!

Hello everyone!!

Some news on my Etsy store, a 15% off voucher code will be going out to all the people who have signed up to my news letter as a little thank you, it will be valid until and including Valentines Day, so look out for that in your mail box.

The voucher can be used on all items in store and for anything else I add to my store, this will end on Valentines Day which is on the 14th of Feb, just in case anyone forgot :p

If you would like to use a 15% off and you haven't already joined then you can sign up to receive your voucher on my website here just click the join news letter link in the middle of the page.

Here are a few new foodie photos and a few non food ones for you all to enjoy...


  1. Ooooooh! Just fantastic. I particularly love your cheeses and fruits.

  2. WOW your creations are just getting better, how you manage that when your work is so brillant I just don't know :-)

  3. Amazing blog....
    I love it! It turned out beautiful. I think the cake Display idea is perfect for them. So unique.

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