Friday 16 April 2010

New miniatures inspired by some of my fellow blogger fans

These are a few new miniatures inspired by some of my fellow bloggers here :) As you can see there are a few new miniatures, I should really make some more cakes but i need to order doilies but I always forget, but I will get some soon.

I was working away on the large luxury fruit bowl a couple of weeks ago and I think now its finally finished it looks really quite nice, I like the way the blackberries and the white vine grapes turned out, it took me ages to place everything just perfectly.

They will be on ebay once the others end in a few days and some will be on Etsy too.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos of these new little minis!


  1. omg I LOVE your fruits! So well done, perfect details and just amazingly realistic!
    The apples are spot on (I'm awful at apples :D)


  2. Wow, I am breathless again! You are absolutely fantastic! And thank You for the pomegranates, they are gorgeous too! :)

  3. Thanks PetitPlat I love apples, can you tell lol! it took me ages to figure out a good technique to make them look as realistic as I could, but just keep trying as they will come good eventually.

    Hi again Dirgesinger I'm glad you like the pomegranates, they do look much nicer in the hand, not so "screaming red" as they appear in the photos :p
    Well these are my first and with a bit more practice time and a steady camera hand, I think I could get them looking a bit more spot on.

    I do love suggestions though, thanks for asking about them I always like a bit of a challenge :)

  4. WOH ! Just the absolute perfection !
    I love the pomegranates, what a great idea !
    I love the apples -of course...- !
    I love the luxury fruit bowl, wonderful !
    I love the melons, thank you Eve ! They look SO real, such an amazing work again and again !

  5. Visiting your blog is one of my enjoyments!
    Love your works! :)

  6. I can see that you love making the really does show in your work. It is all wonderful, absolutely beautiful pieces, all of them! I think these are the best miniature apples I have ever seem!!!

  7. Unbelievabe beautiful work! My favorites are the melons and pomegranates, fab :)


  8. It all looks amazing! I have an award for you on my blog :-)

  9. marie christine I'm so happy that you love everything :) Thank you so much and I'm very honored you enjoy these :D

    Oiseau deNim happy you love the minis too, please drop by any time you like, its always lovely to see other artisans.

    Linda Carswell yes apples really are my thing right now, I picked one up while I was shopping today, it was just a big brother to these little baby ones, I have plans on making more in unusual little bowls at some stage soon, so look out for those later too.

    Merry Jingle thanks and I had fun making new miniatures, the melons are on Etsy now and the pommys are coming up on ebay next time.

    Also if anyone wants to see new things just give me a shout, if I get the time I will try to fit them in.

    There are some things I cant make very well though, so I might not be totally capable of everything:p as my oranges never seem to look right, well that's if I make a lot of them together that is!
    I will have to work on them I guess, I just normally end up giving in sand making a whole hoard of apples instead lol.

    Well I'm off to get a few more minis made and also listed, have a lovely day or even night everyone.

  10. Hi Mimmi sorry I but just missed you, I think we were posting together possibly. Anyway thank you for they award, its very nice indeed :)

  11. What realism! thumbnails do not appear ... A spectacular job. Kisses

  12. This is truly fabulous work! I love the apple pie board and the fruit bowls etc. I own a couple of your pieces and a few weeks ago I was very lucky to purchase your fantastic bowl of fruit,..the fruit looks so real! Exquisite work indeedy! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  13. Enhorabuena!!!!
    Es tan dificil, encontrar fruta en escala 1/12, que parezca real.
    Y tu lo consigues siempre, eres una artista!!!
    Parece fruta real, los colores son una maravillas y las formas genial.
    El melon es mi furta favorita y a ti te ha quedado genial.
    besitos ascension

  14. I left an award for you on my blog. A kiss!

  15. Thanks ESTEFANIA I think you might have a thumbnail problem on blogger? as I cant see yours either, but its ok, it should be an easy fix. Oh a kiss wow you must really love my minis! Thank you :)

    Hi there Michelle's Mad World, wow yes you have that wonderful fruit bowl I made! tell me what others do you have? Anyway I'm so glad you love that fruit bowl, I had a lot of people make lovely comments on it, I hope to see you again soon on the blog, it's been nice to say hello :)

    Ascension I'm so happy you love the melon, lots of people liked them, I'm very surprised just how much though! maybe I will make some more later for you to see too.

    Have a fab day all :)

  16. ...I've been back many times looking at my new babies....(can't wait)

  17. Hi there Lina :) Well they have been shipped to you a good few hours ago now :) I hope the back log of mail from the volcano incident doesn't affect there arrival time at all.

    I know a lot of mail has just been waiting at the PO because of the flight restrictions, so if anyone has been waiting still that's possibly why.

    I will be back soon with some new mini goodies for everyone to see, so keep looking in :)

    Mean time if anyone hasn't already please check out Linda's wonderful dolls house blog
    A truly spectacular dolls house!

    I hope you don't mind Linda I just wanted to say a little thank you by passing your blog along for the totally cute gift your making me.

  18. Absolutely stunning. A love the blackberries. Your attention to detail is impressive! Fantastic work!! Carol :)